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Cor started his career in the mining industry in 1996 as an engineer for De Beers. Between 2000 and 2008 he was involved in management consulting, working for Bain & Company and Seabury Group where he advised corporations in Johannesburg, New York and Sydney on strategy, operational optimisation and revenue enhancement. During this time, he gained in-depth knowledge of the mining, telecommunication, aviation, public sector and manufacturing industries. Cor moved to the fund management industry in 2008, where he was head of resources and a fund manager at RMB Asset Management, and a subsequently as sell-side analyst for HSBC, covering the platinum and diversified mining sector. In 2012 Cor joined Fairtree to co- manage the Fairtree MET Equity Fund.

Cor ascribes his initial value investment style to the influence of investment icons such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. However, with experience in management consulting he realised the importance of strategic positioning of companies within an industry and their relative competitive advantage tying into the quality of their business. As with Stephen, a key investment influence for Cor was the senior members of RMB asset management in the early 2000’s, who helped him appreciate the importance of the macro environment that companies operate in and how this impacts the company’s performance.

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